Asian Sweet Soup Recipes for a Cozy Winter

Asian Sweet Soup Recipes for a Cozy Winter

What does a warm dessert mean to you? Chocolate lava cakes? Crème Brûlée? To me it would definitely be a cozy bowl of warm Asian sweet soup!

I can still remember the smell of warm taro sago sweet soup simmering in my mom’s kitchen on a cold winter day. ⁠

⁠Check out the recipe collection below for easy Asian sweet soups recipes to warm up your day! P.S. They are all gluten-free, dairy-free and plant-based!

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Papaya snow fungus sweet soup in a bowl with a spoon

This PAPAYA SNOW FUNGUS⁠ SWEET SOUP is so nourishing and easy to make with just 4 ingredients (including water!!). One-pot, and yummy both warm and chilled!!

You can even throw in some lotus seeds in this sweet soup like Christine does in her recipe!

What you will need:


Top view of grass jelly bowl

This Asian grass jelly bowl with sweet adzuki beans and rice balls can be easily served warm without the grass jelly! Simply warm up some plant milk of choice with sweetener and add the sweet yummy toppings. Viola! You got your own satisfying bowl of warm Asian sweet soup!

You can definitely get creative with various Taiwanese dessert bowl toppings! My recent favorites are taro and sweet potato balls like how Wok & Kin do it in their recipe!

What you will need:

Sweet adzuki beans

Sweet rice balls

Plant milk base

  • Coconut milk or plant milk of choice
  • Maple syrup or sweetener of choice optional


Apple and snow fungus sweet soup

Looking for something soothing from the inside out? Feeling something light and easy on stomach? Try making this apple and snow fungus tea and appreciate slowcooked apple in a whole new way! 

Red dates would be a nice addition here too like how Grace did in her recipe!

What you will need:


Monk fruit sweet soup

Yes!! This MONK FRUIT SNOW FUNGUS SWEET SOUP is sugar free and it is easy to make!! this sweet soup is so nourishing and refreshing, perfect for anytime of the year. For added warmth and coziness for Winter, try throwing in a few red dates!

What you will need:

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