10 Creative Lunch Ideas to Use Leftover Roast Beef

Made a huge Sunday roast and not sure what to do with the leftover roast beef?

Got some leftovers from a roast but wondering how far you can stretch it in meal planning?

You are at the right place and let me guide you to 10 creative ways to use up your left over roast beef! (or any other leftover roasts!)

1. Slice leftover roast beef as pho topping

Roast Beef Pho with cucumbers and watermelon radish
Leftover roast beef are perfect protein for a pho lunch!

One thing I love leftover roast beef, even more than one that is fresh from the slowcooker, is that they are easy to get perfect slices! After cooling the roast overnight in the fridge, the meat along with the fat hardens. Instead of the struggle to keep it together when carving it fresh, carving a cold piece of roast is so easy that you can get millimetre-thin slices that you can be proud of!

2.Throw leftover roast beef in a stir-fry

Roast beef stir-fry
Throw them in a stir-fry, the possibilities are endless!

I love stir-fry’s but there is one thing I hate when making them… slicing slimy raw meats!!! I think I got this from my mom as she said she never liked touching raw meats and would dump a pack of minced pork directly into the wok. 🙂

With this leftover roast beef stir-fry, you don’t have to worry if meat is cooked through, and the cutting is so easy that it can be done in a breeze! The cooked meat pieces are less likely to stick (if you are not using a non-stick pan) and it will brown nicely with less oil used. One enemy to flavorful stir-fry is moisture. As leftover roast meat had already released most of its moisture in the roasting process, it will be straight protein for your stir fry and no more soggy watery ones!

3. Everything that can be sliced goes on a pizza

Roast Beef Pizza
Dairy-free gluten-free pizza made from scratch is the ultimate treat!

Imagine your leftover roast beef as a homemade pepperoni without preservatives! Slice them, lay them on a pizza dough with flavorful tomato sauce, then put your favorite veggies over. Topped with nut-free dairy-free cheese, this pizza satisfies all the takeout cravings with a healthy twist!

See the 3-ingredient pizza crust recipe from ShootTheCook here. We cannot do eggs so I replaced egg whites with water and psyllium husk.

4. Level up the spaghetti bolognese game with leftover roast beef

Leftover Roast Beef spaghetti with lentils
Spaghetti bolognese just got better with chunky roast beef than traditional mince!

5. Throw it in a cozy warming chili

Mung Bean chili with carrots and jerusalem artichoke

6. Roll leftover meat in kimbap

Chicken kimbap rolls with kelp soup in the background
This chicken kimbap was modified from the traditional beef kimbap!

Kimbap is a Korean rice seaweed roll dish. It looks similar to sushi rolls but instead of raw ingredients, rice vinegar flavored rice and serving with wasabi, kimbap are comprised of cooked ingredients and served straight up. By rolling your leftover roast beef in kimbap, it means one less ingredient to worry about in prepping so you can focus on assembling and rolling!

7. Recreate the roast dinner plate

Roast beef on Rice

8. Use it as cold cut for sandwiches

Roast beef in sweet potato bun
Roast beef slices in toasted sweet potato slices with spinach, tomato and radish

9. Mix it in a vermicelli salad bowl

Roast beef vermicelli salad
Vietnamese salad makes a perfect base to mix in flavorful leftover roast beef!

10. Melt it in a Philly Cheesesteak poutine

Dairy free roast beef Philly cheesesteak on fries

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