Gluten-free Wontons, silky thin Cantonese style!

Gluten-free Wontons, silky thin Cantonese style!

I have been craving a comforting bowl of wonton noodle soup for soooooo loooooong since going gluten-free. Therefore, it was such a JOY to discover this rice paper wrap gluten-free wontons recipe by I Heart Mmami !!⁠

What’s special about these gluten-free wontons?

Unlike other dumplings with thick wrappings like jiaoji and perogies, Cantonese wonton are wrapped in paper thin and silky smooth wrappings. Such texture is so hard to mimic using gluten-free dough. However, Chihyu definitely nailed it with such simple trick!⁠

I made mine without shrimp and ginger due to allergies and it still tasted so good! For full recipe, check out Chihyu’s post at !!⁠

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