15-Min Healthy Green Pasta with Shredded Chicken

15-Min Healthy Green Pasta with Shredded Chicken

There are few dishes when hubby would gladly eat greens. This refreshing green pasta made with gluten free pasta, cucumber and avocado definitely make it to the list!! (The rest are guacamole, broccoli and wilted spinach…)⁠

Perfect alternative to chicken salad

I know an all-green salad is not enough to satisfy my husband’s appetite. Therefore pasta salad is such a great recipe to make a meal satiating yet still refreshing!

This recipe is super easy to make for work-from-home lunch that only one ingredient needs to be cooked fresh!! Simply boil some salted water, throw in the pasta, then cover, turn off the heat and wait.

For the other ingredients, just cut and mix in after draining the pasta, lunch is served!! It can be a nice light dinner too!⁠

Which gluten-free pasta should I use for this green pasta recipe?

I would say any kind works but adjust how you cut the ingredients according to the pasta shape. Below are some of my favorites. (Affiliate links)

For example if you are using shorter shaped pasta like fusilli or penne, I recommend cutting your topping ingredients into cubes. However, if you are using skinny long-shaped pasta like spaghetti, angel hair or linguine, then cutting into thin strips would make the most sense.

Can I substitute the green pasta topping ingredients with something else?

The answer is yes!!

I have tried using baby spinach, radish leaves, celery and leek in this recipe and they all turned out perfect! You can even make it vegan by substituting chicken with chickpeas.

I personally like wilted, creamed leek so this takes a little more cooking but still simple and tastes amazing!

Vegan green pasta with chickpea and leek

Looking for more simple stove-top meal recipes?

Check out my always gluten-free dairy-free stove-top recipe collection here!

Green Pasta with Shredded Chicken

Gluten-free pasta paired with good fats from avocado and lean protein. Makes a refreshing light lunch!
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: pasta
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Green pasta
Servings: 2
Author: Brenda


  • 170 g Gluten-free spaghetti Half a package for Catelli brand
  • 1.5 L Filtered water
  • 2 tbsp Sea salt
  • 1 cup Chicken meat Cooked and shredded
  • 1 Avocado Cut in strips
  • 1 cup Cucumber Cut in strips
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Bring a pot of filtered water to boil, then add salt and pasta⁠
  • Once all pasta is submerged under the water, turn off the heat and let it sit with lid on⁠
  • Cut cucumber and avocado into strips. Shred or cut cooked chicken into strips
  • When pasta is cooked to desired consistency, drain liquid (save it for making soups!)⁠
  • Mix in the toppings and dress with olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste


Bonus: Garnish with watermelon radish!⁠

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