Last-minute Gift Ideas from the Belated Favorites!

Last-minute Gift Ideas from the Belated Favorites!

Christmas is coming up so soon yet the return of lockdowns might have caught the procrastinating you by surprise! Don’t worry, I got you covered with list of last-minute gift ideas of our Belated favorites, carefully selected from Amazon!

With delivery before Christmas, you can rest assured that your loved ones will have a pleasant surprise under the tree for Boxing Day while remembering your thought of them throughout the year!

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Best Last-Minute Gift for Gluten-free Dairy-free Home Chefs

Spice rubs and sauces are an easy choice for gluten-free gifting. They are robust in flavor, versatile to use and have great shelf life. Not to mention they will instantly enhance every dish your loved ones cook!!

Use the spice rub to make delicious roast beef and minestrone soup. And the cashew cheesy sauce will make preparing dairy-free mac n’ cheese a breeze!

Gluten-free Asian condiments are another good choice for gluten-free dariy-free home cooks, you’ll never know how much stir-fry dishes they make in their lives!!

If your loved ones miss a good crispy fish and chips dinner, why not gift them a bundle of Gluten-free panko with vegan mayo to make a crispy main dipped in tart tartar sauce!

Best Last-minute Gift for Asian Taste Adventures

Not satisfied with just the stir-fry sauces? This unique Asian-inspired spices gift box will lead your loved ones to explore the niche of Asian flavors like siracha and wasabi!

For Japanese food lovers, Furikake is a must have!! It beautifully dresses up recipes like ochasuke, and origiri! Get a bundle of assorted flavors for a pleasing surprise!

Of course, do not leave out the rice!! Gift your loved ones the gift of convenience with a basic Rice cooker or a sophisticated one! With the rice cooking taken care of, it will be so easy to put quick dinners on the table like one-pot Hainanese chicken rice and Portuguese sauce on rice!

Also, don’t forget the chopsticks!! They are such essentials for a full Asian food experience. Gift your loved ones this season with wooden chopsticks for Chinese and Japanese dishes, stainless steel chopsticks for Korean favorites like kimbap, and a portable chopsticks pack to-go!

Best Last-Minute Gift for Busy Meal Preppers

An Instant pot will be my first recommendation!! It is perfect for pressure cooking, steaming, sautéing, and even yogurt-making!

For a lower budget and less technologically-inclined choice, a simple old-fashioned slow cooker like a Crockpot will do the job! So your loved ones can enjoy hearty recipes all year round like roast beef, minestrone soup and potato and leek stew!

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Have a wonderful holiday season!

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